How To Remove Snow & Ice From Composite Decking

While you won’t use your deck regularly during the winter season, you probably still want to clean pathways to your backyard and make it safe to walk.

To remove snow and ice from your composite deck, you do want to make sure you use tools and products that won’t damage the deck surface.

Let’s take a look at the safe ways to shovel your deck or use ice melt products.

Can you shovel snow off a composite deck?

Yes, you can shovel snow off composite decking without damaging the deck – if you have the right shovel!

Shovels with a metal cutting edge nick, cut, and damage the composite decking.

To avoid this damage, make sure you use a shovel with a plastic or rubber edge.  This removes the snow safely without scraping or harming the deck’s surface.

During light snows, you may not even need a shovel to clear your deck.  Many homeowners use a leaf blower or broom to clear light snow less than 1-2”.

Can you use a snow blower on your deck?

Some homeowners have large decks or long walkways.  If there is a lot of snow and you have easy ground access, it may be tempting to use a walk-behind snow blower to remove the snow.

This is not a good idea! 

Like a metal-edged shovel, a snowblower cuts and damages the composite decking.  It is not worth the risk or damage on your beautiful deck!

Can you use ice melt or rock salt on composite decking?

Removing snow with a plastic shovel or leaf blower is pretty basic, a thin layer of ice or sleet on your deck is a different ballgame.

Remember – you don’t want to use any kind of metal edge or object to remove or break the ice.  While this method removes the ice, it also damages your deck.

Instead, you want to melt the ice.  What ice-melting agents are safe for composite decking?

Similar to stronger cleaning agents, you should always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before using ice melt, especially if using a unique brand or chemical agent.

Calcium-chloride ice melts are usually safe for composite decking and our recommended solution.  This compound is highly effective at melting ice without damaging the composite surface.  It also does not hurt pets if accidentally ingested.

We do NOT recommend using traditional sodium chloride rock salt or sand.  These granules tend to leave unattractive and permanent marks on composite decking.

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